Case Study: Loyola University Libraries

We were curious as to how our users were integrating voxgov into their organizations and programming, so we reached out to a few of our subscribers to find out!

Loyola University Libraries have been a voxgov subscriber since January 2016. As part of their #LoyolaVotes2016 elections programming, the library has been running workshops on using voxgov for election research. Librarians used the workshops to demonstrate the functionality of voxgov overall, and also to track presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial candidates throughout the course of the elections process.

voxgov has also been used by Loyola faculty and graduate students to conduct research in the areas of Political Science and Healthcare Law. Positive feedback received from students has specifically related to the depth and breadth of our content, and also the speed at which it harvests new content.

In comparing voxgov to other platforms, Loyola users said “voxgov is very useful for tracking all of a candidate’s output and observing trends.  Other platforms don’t aggregate nearly as much material and bring together trending topics with multiple responses.”


Special thanks to Ben Aldred – Reference and Government Information Librarian at Loyola University Libraries – for his assistance with this post.

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